I would like to first start by saying that Poetic Flow

is a fantastic business person who is very intelligent and skilled in her profession.

I contracted with Poetic Flow for two separate and independent areas, and was

very pleased with both her expertise and experience.

She has consulted me regarding my Trademark for my business

and also was the photographer for my son's photo shoot.

Poetic Flow has always responded and treated me with the utmost respect at

all times if I've ever had any issues or concerns.

I can't say enough how important her level of intelligence, respect and

experience has impressed me. I am a business owner with twenty years of experience in my field,

therefore I understand and know the importance of having repeat clients.

Hand's down Poetic Flow and her businesses are a keeper.

I am not a paid spokesperson, just a satisfied client.

~ ​Theresa Moore (CEO Messiah For Life CPR, LLC)

I do a ton of large events in the city of Atlanta: Fundraisers, Super Bowl Parties, etc.

I've had the pleasure of working with Poetic Flow Photography and let me add,

I've worked with many photographers; but her work is impeccable! She's prompt! She's friendly!

You receive your photos quickly! Her photos are crystal clear!

She captures the candid shots that I love & she is professional. 

~ Zee Mullen (Founder of Savvy Affairs)

God will bring exactly who you need in your life when you need them. 

Being a new business owner is nothing easy, but I am truly thankful for every blessing. 

JB Consulting & Poetic Flow, you are a blessing! 

Thank you for your help and direction with our Trademark filing,

but more importantly for sharing your knowledge. 

We are excited about our new journey & future endeavors!

~ Trina Wilson (Co-Owner of Longelala, LLC)

​​​​​​​​​I am pleased to recommend JB Consulting, whom we reached out to,

to assist our non-profit get registered with Sam.gov and Grants.gov.

This was my first time working with Poetic Flow and found her to be very helpful and informational.

Immediately, not only did she catch some extremely important things that we fixed expeditiously,

but my business was successfully registered thereafter and I can now move forward with the grant writer

to begin applying for Federal grants. If you need business consulting, I highly recommend 

JB Consulting. They do great work!

~ Joshua Bolen (CEO, Fit To Fly Program Inc.)

I've had the pleasure of knowing Poetic Flow for nearly 30 years.

Seven years ago my mother and I founded a Charity called SEED OF HOPE FOUNDATION that caters

to teaching leadership and life skill development to teen girls.  In our initial start-up stage,

we had some business questions that needed to be answered, but were not quite sure where to turn,

so I reached out to Poetic Flow for assistance.  Her ability to listen to our vision and provide

sound strategy and guidance on some of the areas we had questions was the key

we needed to successfully launch our charity on the proper foundation. 

If you need someone to help you with business advice/consultation of getting started,

Poetic Flow is a great person to work with. 

~ Gwendolyn L. Young (Executive Director, Seed of Hope Foundation)

Poetic Flow is a force to be reckoned with. When she takes on a project,

it is wholeheartedly and her professionalism is to be compared to

the likes of Tyler Perry and Shonda Rhimes. 

Poetic Flow is going far and will be a tremendous asset

to any project she chooses to lend her talents to!

~ Kyss Major (Music Artist & Producer of upcoming TV Show "Wifey Material")


Being new to the whole idea of finally starting my own business was not only extremely exciting,

but I also found myself very overwhelmed with my lack of knowledge and direction in just how

I would accomplish it on my own! GOD does put people in our path and that person was Poetic Flow. 

She outlined everything I needed to know to get my business up and running, from my EIN,

business license, business plan, Trademark, incorporation and business contracts. 

She also has been extremely diligent in the social media promoting, marketing and branding of my business.

The wealth of knowledge and information she shared was amazing. Her professionalism,

organizational skills and above all, her communication skills,

enabled me at the age of 61 to become the CEO of my own company!

~ Beth Pennington (CEO of Pennington Creations) 

Poetic Flow Productions & JB Consulting has definitely

been the tool that I needed to get my work noticed.

The company's market as well as provides me advice on how to make my work even more marketable

without altering my craft. Without a doubt,

linking up with Poetic Flow has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

~ Kentrell Blanche (Author/Poet) 


Poetic Flow, thank you so much for all your help making our business official!

I never would have known where to even begin without you!!

You've made the entire process so simple, and helped us stay on top of our game.

We're seriously so blessed to have met you!

I cannot wait to use your services for some upcoming projects. The future is looking bright.

~ Heather Diann Yarbrough (Business Owner & Screenwriter)


Poetic Flow knows what she's doing and if any of you require business advice

she knows her stuff and will guide you in the right direction!!

She certainly helped my sister Pamela and me with some advice we required. So,

Poetic Flow Productions & JB Consulting are ones to watch!!

~ Otis Chambliss (Writer, Producer, TV & Filmmaker)


Poetic Flow, you are an amazing person.

One of the most genuine people I've ever met in my life.

Straight-up. I was up for nights creating my companies business plan,

striving to get my team's dreams off the ground and had no idea how to take everything to the next level.

Made one phone call to you because you were so adamant about promoting your business

and what you can do for people. Because of your ability and guidance my team is thriving and it's

all because of you. I'm extremely thankful for having the opportunity to meet you,

work together on projects which helped my resume, and for those rides to the studio when my old

car went out in the middle of that Kansas City Heat Wave. If I ever could return the favor you got it.

Peace and Blessings to you and yours.

~ Ameer Bilal Yarbrough (Business Owner, Screenwriter & Filmmaker)

Client Testimonials